Established since March 2001, PT. Cosmos Indo Ink has become one of the largest printing ink manufacturers in Indonesia. We are the first printing ink manufacturer under the technical guidance of its parent company in Korea.
Size of plant isbigger than 7000 m2 with high technology and high quality production system.
We are capable of producing Gravure/Flexo/Offset/Laminating Adhesive.
Our motto would be“Quality, Service, Price” to make mutualism symbiosis.In order to achieve this, we will continuously do our best to meet customers’ expectation.


Become one of the leading companies in the World


  1. Continuous develop and improve according to market demand, technology, and environmentally friendship
  2. Maintain product stability, price, and service thoroughly
  3. Provide added value to related parties including employees, owners, and consumers
  4. Maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty



PT. Cosmos Indo Ink applying Korean technology for the best product and more effective productions time.
Based on its, we can reduce of productions time and give the best quality an price. With the competend of productions staff & team, stability and quality can to waked up.
Supported by modern technology, and human resourch of R&D team, we can be developed and improved of our product continously follow market demand.
Enviromental friendly is the big isue and the big project for human life. We are PT. Cosmos Indo Ink as a chemical company, commit to contribute to its.
Based on its, PT. Cosmos Indo Ink use raw material and system follow to regulations. For example to reduce VOC and low aromatic residual solvent in packaging we mad Non Toluene ink for flexible packaging.
PT. Cosmos Indo Ink want to become better for all expect for our self.